Kindred spirits living 4,166.94 miles apart. Each spending their days in the simplicity of life. Wives and mothers in love with their family. Each with a passion for photography. Not just any photography but life photography. They do not work with fancy backdrops and artificial posing. They simply capture their day as it unfolds. Natural lighting, beautiful messy faces of a child, dirty counters, amazing sunsets, smudged windows and life adventures. Family and friendship. Here you will have the opportunity to peek into the lives of these two seelenschwesters. Enjoy~

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

All of You

Today I am sharing a dear friends work, this art is pretty impressive.
Looking at this photograph I can not help but think of life.
Life. Relationships. Choice.
It is all the same, jump on or stand at the crossing.
Make that choice and fulling jump, give all of you, while embracing the tracks and the adventure. The good and the bad.
OR stand their waiting, imagining what the journey would have entailed.
It has been too long Seelenschwester! I know we have reason, Life. This birdy is learning to fly.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


You see an old red door,
I see the morning sunrise upon this old wooden door.

~I am pulled over on a one way street...
Going the wrong way that is.
 My kids are laughing, a little embarrassed and I......
I am capturing this red door I love so much,
Wacky momma memories these children of mine will have. Wacky, but I am sure one day these memories will create a smile.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Two little feet and ten little toes
running and jumping at play.
 Kicking a rock, climbing a tree,  dancing wild and free.

Let's jump in a puddle.  Let's laugh, and let's dream. 

We can lie on our backs, and count the stars, or name the shaped clouds from afar.

 Let's skip our bedtime, and stay up late,
oh how this time will not wait.
Catherine Anne- January

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful, day ten

For that heart bursting love I feel when I look at this face.
I am Thankful~

Six, Seven, Eight and Nine Days of Thanks

Day six, Nature walks-
Day seven, Autumn (my favorite season of all)-
 Day eight, Colors of nature that today fill my world-
Day nine, The wind blowing across the hayfield, as autumn leaves dance on past.

Thankful, day five

My Faith~
He fills my spirit, my soul, my being.

The simple faith filled charms that remind me to persevere on this path he has called me upon.  It navigates through twist and the turns. May I be strong enough to look ahead and preservers even when I do not understand.

I know dear friend you must identify and understand this area of my heart.  Simplicity is far too important for you to not. One of the many reasons I love you so!

Thankfulness, day four

My Sunshine gal running in the sunflowers laughing, dancing, jumping and hiding. Oh happy day, I am thankful for you.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day Three of Thanks

I don't think this pictures needs any explaining, it speaks for itself.  Have a wonderful Thursday my friend, hope your day starts off as beautiful as it did here.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day Two of Thankfulness

I sure have missed doing this daily, I will be honest, I need this to make me more disciplined.  It makes me pick up my camera more, see more in more things, and to look at simple things from several different angles, which is something that should be done in all areas of life I think.  This morning was a typical fall morning here in Der Vaterland, cold, damp, foggy, grey... ( but when the sun broke through the fog through the fall trees later in the morning it was breathtaking!  WHY did I ignore my gut to grab the camera before I left, WHYYYYYY?! )  When taking the kids to the car I noticed my favorite thing about these dark dreary mornings, the spiderwebs! They are just breathtaking.  When you drive past fields and all you can see are the perfectly dew kissed webs blowing in the stalks and stems and branches, I just love it.  I am not afraid of spiders, just not one to grab one to hold, that being said, I think they are amazing and I could watch them all day.  The way they can make something so amazing, strong, and thin at the same time... well, I could learn a little something from those little creatures.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Month of Thanks

Is there anything to be more thankful for than God's promises to us?

There is so much about this time of year I just adore.  I love all the seasons and what they each offer, and I used to think I liked spring more than fall, given it was a close race, but I am now sure that fall is my favorite.  Yes, it is Mother Nature welcoming in the winters cold and harsh days, but it is also the season that is everything comforting.  The amazing colors, the way that everything from the farmers to the woodland animals are rushing to prepare for the blasts of winter.  The smell of crisp cold air and the way that all the warmth of the season of smoke from chimneys, warm drinks, the rush of feeling home when you walk inside and smell the hearty food of winter, it can cut through the dark cold. The anticipation of family being together though is what sealed it for me and made it my favorite time of year.  
So this month, my dear friend and I, we give thanks.  If you are anything like me, which lets face it, I think you are, I am overwhelmed everyday in thanks.  I catch my self being thankful far more than not, and I am grateful for that attribute in myself.  Let see if we can capture a picture a day for one of the many things that make us stop and say, "God is just so, SO good!".

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


    Something is different about this morning, the are is crisp, the leaves are changing into colors of red, orange, yellow and brown. They are twirling as they fall!
    (((FALL))), Yes it is fall! Lets drop what we are doing and go for a walk, grab treasure pales and see what we can find.
Returning home with your treasures, I watch you examine them all. When you look up and ask me what treasure I like best, I smile and reply with one simple word...................YOU
You will always be the treasure I love best!
~Catherine Anne
I know what you mean!  It is wonderful!  I just love this time of year!  The comfort in savoring these last days of warmth and the excitement of the season to come, not to mention the joy of harvest!  Happy Fall Y'all!
~Leah Garland

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Two Tears in a Bucket...

My friend, sometimes there is something so soothing in chores. I never really felt this way until I moved into this house.  Maybe it is the pride of living somewhere so many other before lived, and they all shared the same mundane housework as I, or maybe it was just my age, but there is something to be said for the daily doings.  This past month or so it has been me versus the kitchen sink drain.  For now, the battle is won, but the war will rage on.  The landlord is bringing an auger, I am hoping this is the final blow to this kreig, but we shall see.  I am hoping it is a means to an end, and not a peace treaty, peace will be restored when it doesn't take over 12 hours of standing water, a few buckets work of water out, and the removal of the curved pipe thing from under the sink that sends water gushing into the bucket, all in my gloves and all over my lap and the underside of the sink and floor... we shall see, we shall see...

         This photograph was actually captured a while back when we were assigned the subject of Water. Once I captured this subject of Water in my day to day life, all I could focus on was the water in baptism and then we both flopped on the Water assignment anyway.

       Today this photographs says so much more than it did the day I captured it. Although it still entails my life as a wife and a mother caring for her family and the many days of prayer and reflection as I scrub the food off these dishes, it also entails a chapter closing.
    A home we have lived in for most of my adult life. A home I have nurtured my family in. A home we have created all of these memories that have made us......US
 Saying goodbye is hard, but then I know my home is not in this photograph, my home is in my family.
~Catherine Anne

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Slow Start, Moring Rise

Friend, do you ever just feel like this -------------------------------------->    in the morning?  I will admit right now, with no shame or restraint, I am NOT a morning person.  That being said, one of my favorite times of day is sunrise.  The few handful of times I am up, on my own accord, before anybody else, and get to lay in my bed and watch the sunrise out my window is one of my life's great pleasures.  But in my day to day reality, the alarm is too soon, the sleep to short and broken, and my get up and go juice is on empty until about an hour or so after I am up.  I am not a coffee person, I don't have anything in the morning that gets me going, other than the knowledge that E has be to at school by a certain time.  I have never been a morning person, but I love the peace, promise, and light sunrise brings.  I think my Old Man Bernie is mocking my morning face here, I am not sure though, I thought I might have heard Dooley chuckle at it though.  ~ Leah Garland

Seelenschwester, your words could be my own. Once more the seelenschwester in us has shown to be true. Even down to the natural inner clock each of us carry. I too am a night owl, with a love for the sunrise. Once or twice a month I wake to enjoy this foreign time of day. The morning dew and  the days first light shine upon my face. There is a newness in the air, an optimism to start again. I sadly do not enjoy this enough.  As I posted before, It's morning I  roll over wondering what the clock will say and just how many hours my mind allowed me to sleep. This is where we are different, I crawl out of bed in search of my coffee.  Sometimes  I question the severity of this addiction. Then I say who cares, I will think about that in my next chapter. You know the chapter of simplified days that fill my heart of memories created today. Even then I'm sure I will be rekindling those memories over a warm cup of Jo. So yes, on my average morning I do carry this look upon Old Man Bernie's face.
~Catherine Anne                        

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Buggy Bug

On this day we played. The sun was shinning and the wind was blowing. A perfect day to hang my sheets. While clothes pinning I here excitement and giggles. My little ones have a friend for me to meet. Housing him in an apple basket they each come up with a name. Buggy-bug needs grass and water, tonight we will let him go free. The simplicity of joy in the hearts of my children reassure me I'm where I'm meant to be. ~ Catherine Anne

My friend, I imagine that when you were laying the sheets out to dry, I was laying the tuckered out boys to bed.  We had had a fun filled day at the Hitcherhof Kurbisfest, AKA, Pumpkin Festival. There is nothing I like more than pumpkins and fest.  It was a wonderful warm day, warmer than most we saw this summer.  We strolled through all the vendors, took in the smells of fresh flammkuchen, wurst, and oodles of pumpkiny goodness.  The highlight for the boys was the HUGE corn maze, it was all they could talk about the drive there and days before.  As they bounded in it didn't take long for them to find the smallest thing to stop for, Mr. Stinky Stink Bug.  Luckily they have learned that Stinky Stink Bugs do in fact, stink, so they will look but not touch.  In all the festivities around them, it amazes me how they are able to stop and admire one of Gods littlest guests to the party. ~ Leah Garland

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Day

Today was like most days, I rolled over wondering what the clock would say and just how many hours my mind allowed me to sleep. I crawled out of my warm bed into worn yoga pants and a sweater. Cozy in my chair I enjoy  coffee and prayer. Making breakfast and finishing up last nights dishes, I wake the kids. Over breakfast we recalled our dreams and shared thoughts for the day. Breaking away I take a moment to myself for blogging and emails. The kids run free greeting the morning air. Before long I hear excitement arriving on the porch. Walking out to see, I am handed our first warm brown egg of the season... It is cupped safely in the hands of my Sunshine. My girl that wears garden dirt and sparkles on each of her nails. Today was like most days, as we are gifted with simple charms that make the day, Our day.  ~ Catherine Anne

First off, I adore her nails, love how she keeps up with the boys and the outdoors, but always with the most beautiful touch of femininity.  Our days here seem to go so fast.  I think it is because it is a reality to me that my sweet sweet first born, the baby that had to be held constantly day and night, is growing into his own.  I grasp to each kiss, glance, hug, ask for help.  He is learning not to be a toddler, but to be a boy, a young man, all the way down to his shoelaces.  Everyday when I see him run to his school, I hold on to the glance back I get with the big toothy grin and his ' I Love You' sign waving so proud at me and the prideful yell of " I LOVE YOU MOM!  SEE YOU AT LUNCH TIME!  LOVE YOU, BYE!" . I know that one morning it will be the last one.  I hope it isn't soon.               ~ Leah Garland

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Here you will find a small window into our months apart.
How have you been, dear friend?

   Oh how I have missed you my friend!
 The first thing I thought of when I got my iPhoto fixed was FINALLY I can get back here! I have missed it so very much and have missed the daily connections we share here. Our summer here has gone quickly it seems. It was E's last summer before he started first grade. Nick blew his knee in a soccer game at the end of May so he spend all summer doing PT to get it ready for the surgery he had about two weeks ago now. We took a few trips, the photo is from my favorite one of the summer. We went to Utrecht, it is a city in the Netherlands. I adore the city, it is my favorite get a way. We had a blast for the short time we were there. This was one morning after breakfast on the canal that was our front step for the apartment we stayed at while there. It was so wonderful to sit with my boys and just watch the boats go by, waving at them all, watching the ducks, just soaking up every moment of just being. I have been so blessed with two boys that love each other so much and want to share everything in their lives with each other. The best thing that they share though, is the quiet moments. The moments where they both just sit together and share simple moments together. They say so much without saying a word in theses moments.
~ Leah Garland

When it rains it pours, that's what they say.
    In the past few months this has shown to be true. 
   Although the harder rain has brought shaken comfort, losses, illnesses, worries and uneasy change, we have stuck it out, we have grown closer to Christ and one another. As we must remember our crosses are our gift to find comfort in him.
   Even with all the rain there have been rays of sunshine. These days were gifts of  love, laughter, music and dance.
    Sticky faces, eskimo kisses, cuddles till noon, new adventures found, contentment, rest, simplicity and thankfulness. 
       When it rains and it pours pull out an umbrella, splash in the puddles, wait for the rainbow and  dance in the rain~
Catherine Anne

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cloth Diapering Love~

Cloth diapering is one of the many natural attachment parenting interest that revealed the seelenschwester bond Leah and I carry today.
What a joy it has been meeting
like-minded mommies to share my days of mothering.
I often think of how isolated one may feel only having the ability to interact with others that are physically near.
   Especially when your interest do not flow along with what one may call "mainstream".
   To my online and real life like-minded mommy friends, you all mean so much to me. As I hold each of you dear to my heart.
~ Catherine Anne

~Leah Garland

Monday, May 23, 2011

Little Things

I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things...
I play with leaves.
I skip down the street and run against the wind. Leo Buscaglia
I can not recite a Leo Buscaglia quote without the thoughts of my mother.
Many explanations in life were given within the quotes of Leo.
Little Things filled my childhood.
 A childhood with rocks, sticks, leaves and trees. Wind in my face and sand between my toes. Morning sunrise and evening sunsets. Fireflies, katydids, nose nuzzles and song. Cuddles and laughter. Nature walks, overlooks and fields with wild flowers.  All gifts of our Lord.
As an adult my gift is to never stop enjoying them.  

Thursday, April 28, 2011


"Never shall I forget the days I spent with you. Continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours."

- Ludwig van Beethoven
Long before I was a military wife, I grew up moving every few years.  As I got older, I was able to hold on to some relationships better through distance and time.  I have been beyond blessed in my life with true sister friends.  Women that challenge me, love me, and I would give the world for them.  I have grown up knowing I would have to say adieu to friends, it is never easy, but I know that we will always be friends and will see each other again.  It might not be for daily coffee/wine 'playdates', ( Because lets face it when we get together for playdates, it is for us more than them!)  but we will enjoy each others company from a far until we meet again.  You know who you ladies are and I am blessed because of you all.
~Leah Garland

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.  ~Elisabeth Foley

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.  ~Author Unknown

A loyal friend laughs at your jokes when they're not so good, and sympathizes with your problems when they're not so bad.  ~Arnold H. Glasgow
But if the while I think on thee, dear friend,
All losses are restored and sorrows end.
~William Shakespeare

A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.  ~Donna Roberts

~Catherine Anne

Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Adventures

It has become an Easter tradition for the boys to wear Lederhosen on Easter.  Yes, I know, it is not going to fly much longer with the oldest but I hold on to what I can with him these days.  When he was born our neighbors gave him a pair.  He was able to wear them the next year at Easter and so it began.  Last year he finally outgrew that pair that Junah now wears, and E got a new pair that will last for years.  With Easter Weekend being so very glorious what better time to get the boys some Easter pictures at the castle up the street from where E was born and first lived.  I was fighting with the harsh light all day, so not my best shot ever, BUT it pretty much captures the adventure I live called Motherhood.
~Leah Garland  
My weekend  charm seems to always be you ~

Your laughter, your bright smile, your hundred questions of why and  the silly things you do.

Your nose nuzzles and songs. Your cuddles and stories. Your sweet face as you sleep.

Your witty and your wisdom. Your innocent prayers and your love.  Your childhood. Your adventure.

~On this day adventure was found,  running wild with the grass between your toes, wind in your hair and laughter upon your face.

Yes my lovies, my daily charm is you ........
~Catherine Anne